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2019 Separation and recovery of geophysical signals based on the Kalman filte... [2019-03-13]
2019 Shipborne gravimetry in the Baltic Sea: data processing strategies, cruc... [2019-03-13]
2019 利用广义三角帽方法评估GRACE反演中国大陆地区水储量变化的不确定性 [2019-03-13]
2019 Electroplating of 3D Sn-rich solder for MEMS packaging applications [2019-03-05]
2019 Combined Search for a Lorentz-Violating Force in Short-Range Gravity Var... [2019-02-17]
2019 A method for alleviating the effect of pinhole defects in inter-metal di... [2019-01-11]
2019 Spontaneous generation of orbital angular momentum crystals using a mono... [2019-01-03]
2018 A multilayer approach and its application to model a local gravimetric q... [2018-12-05]
2018 Impact of Different Kinematic Empirical Parameters Processing Strategies... [2018-11-26]
2018 Precision measurement of the light shift of 25Mg+ ions [2018-11-16]
2018 A precise spacing-control method in MEMS packaging for capacitive accele... [2018-11-13]
2018 Variations of the argentine gyre observed in the GRACE time-variable gra... [2018-11-08]
2018 Evaluating IMERG V04 Final Run for Monitoring Three Heavy Rain Events Ov... [2018-11-08]
2018 Multilayer densities using a wavelet-based gravity method and their tect... [2018-11-08]
2018 Ultraviolet laser spectroscopy of aluminum atoms in hollow-cathode lamp [2018-11-06]
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