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2018年3月15日 赵健博士报告

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学 术 报 告


Investigation on interferometric fiber optical gyroscope


报 告 人


IOGS-CNRS-Bordeaux University


2018315 10:00




摘  要

Gyroscope is one of the most important tools for inertial navigation system. It is used to measure the angular velocity of moving objects relative to the reference system. Therefore, it gives the information of position and status. Gyroscopes have found great applications for the navigation of rockets, airplanes, submarine warships and tanks. Fiber optical gyroscope attracts great attention since its low cost, high precision, robust operation. The record fiber optical gyroscope achieves a bias drift at the level of 10-5 degree/hour, which meets the standard for most applications. In this presentation, I will make a brief introduction of the fiber optical gyroscope, then discuss the technological challenges to improve the performance of interferometric fiber-optic gyroscope. Finally I will show how to design a fiber-optical gyroscope and evaluate its performance.

报 告 人

简  介

Dr. Zhao Jian graduated from Wuhan   University of technology in 2008. He obtained his master degree from Laser   engineering laboratory of ShenZhen University in 2011. Later he got his phD diploma   from the state key laboratory of precision spectroscopy in 2015. Since December   2015, he received the FFCSA (La Fondation   Franco-Chinoise pour la Science et ses Applications)   fund to study in IOGS-CNRS-Bordeaux University France   under the supervion of Prof. Giorgio Santarelli.   His research interest includes fiber optical gyroscope, the generation of   high-power continuous /ultrashort pulse laser, fiber frequency comb, and the   front-end optical source for gravitational-wave detection.  




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