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2014年7月2日德国汉诺威引力物理研究所的Christoph Mahrdt博士来我实验室做学术报告

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201472日下午15:30德国汉诺威引力物理研究所的Christoph Mahrdt博士在引力中心三楼会议室为全体师生作了题为“Laser Link Acquisition for the GRACE Follow-On Laser Ranging Interferometer”的报告。



This talk will give an overview of the acquisition process for the GRACE Follow-On interferometer. After launching the satellites into orbit, possibly large biases in the alignment of the laser beam axes with respect to the satellites' line-of-sight and the laser frequencies will prohibit a direct detection of the heterodyne signal. Laser Link Acquisition is the process of aligning the laser beams and tuning the laser frequency such that a heterodyne signal can be detected. As such laser link acquisition is a search in five degrees of freedom over a possibly large uncertainty space with no communication between the satellites. An important difference to previously studied approaches is the lack of dedicated hardware to simplify the acquisition process such that the science photodiodes have to be used as acquisition detector.

The main topics of this talk will be a review of the instrument with a special focus on acquisition, the heterodyne signal and the most important noise sources as well as an algorithm for data processing is presented which gives nearly optimal signal to noise ratio for a detection. The last part will be devoted to the explanation of the actual baseline acquisition scheme.

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