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2014年6月1日美国加州大学Berkeley分校的Holger Müller教授来我实验室做学术报告

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201461日上午10:00美国加州大学Berkeley分校的Holger Müller教授在引力中心三楼会议室为全体师生作了题为“Atom interferometers for precision measurements”的报告。



The talk will give an overview of atom interferometry experiments: tests of the equivalence principle at 10 ^-9 accuracy and a clock that measures time by the rest mass of cesium atoms and thus realizes the unit of mass with state of the art precision. Moreover, I will present our ongoing measurement of the fine structure constant. At 2×10 ^-9 accuracy, it is currently the world’s third best. We have since reduced the leading systematic error about 8-fold and the statistical error about 10-fold. As an outlook, we will discuss atom interferometry as a tool for measuring the acceleration of free fall of antimatter.


Holger Müller教授简介:

Honors and Award

2012, Young Faculty Award, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

2011, Career Award, National Science Foundation

2009, Fellowship in Science and Engineering, David and Lucille Packard Foundation

2008, NSF Research Highlight#16262, National Science Foundation

2004-2006, Feodor-Lynen Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation



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