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2014年5月15日西澳大学的Michael Tobar院士来我实验室做学术报告

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2014515日下午16:00西澳大学Michael Edmund Tobar院士在引力中心三楼会议室为全体师生作了题为“Precision measurements and tests of fundamental physics at the University of Western Australia”的报告。


Michael Edmund Tobar院士简介:

From 1994-6 Tobar was an ARC APD Fellow. From 1997-8 he obtained a Japan Society for Promotion of Science Fellowship at the Uni of Tokyo. In 1999 he was appointed a Research Director by CNRS at the Institut de Recherche en Communications Optiques et Microondes (now XLIM). In 2000 he was appointed at UWA and granted fast track tenure in 2001. In 2002 he was promoted to Associate Professor on the basis of research. Since 2003 Tobar has won two consecutive ARC Australian Professorial Fellowships and an inaugural Australian Laureate Fellowship, which he commenced in July 2009. During this time he has presented a 22-lecture course in Electrodynamics every year and supervised many research students at the PhD, masters and honours level.

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