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2014年5月4日西澳大学Trinity Research Labs的Alexey Veryaskin教授来我实验室做学术报告

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201454日下午15:00西澳大学Alexey Veryaskin教授在引力中心三楼会议室为全体师生作了题为“The Development of a Lorentz-Force accelerometer at the University of Western Australia: Relevance to Moving-Base Gravitational Measurements”的报告。



Theory and the first preliminary test result, obtained at the AIGRC(UWA) in conjunction with the recent developments and aimed at a new type of kinematic acceleration measurements on a moving platform, are discussed. A brief review of the current status of gravity gradiometry technologies that have been under development worldwide and that just coming into the playground is given.


Alexey Veryaskin教授简介:

Alexey Veryaskin’s major areas of expertise:

l     Gravity and magnetic gradiometry

l     State-of-the-art integrated electronics for advanced phase  measurement  systems

l     ELF interferometer-based systems for geophysical prospecting

l     Advanced EM gradiometers for the detection of submarines

l     Advanced gold detectors

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