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Decelerating polar molecules using traveling microwave lattices

发布时间:2014-06-04          来源:胡忠坤           浏览次数:
Decelerating polar molecules using traveling microwave lattices
Zhong-Kun Hu, Yi Ke, Jin-Bo Zhao, Xiao-Bing Deng, and Jun Luo
Phys. Rev. A 89, 053428 – Published 29 May 2014

We propose a scheme to decelerate polar molecules by using traveling microwave lattices in a waveguide. Two counterpropagating microwave fields with different frequencies create a traveling microwave lattice and decelerate polar molecules by exploiting their first-order ac Stark shift. During deceleration, molecules are always close to the field maximum, thus reducing the potential particle loss due to nonadiabatic transitions occurring in the low-field region. The method can be used for molecules in a rotational ground state, which is suitable for further sympathetic or evaporative cooling. Numerical trajectory simulations are carried out, and the results show that the phase-space acceptance area is comparable to that of some other deceleration methods.

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